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Product World-wide prices
VST Instruments
Timeworks SH-1001 VSTi for Windows, including Phazer for DirectX $129
Scope Plugins
Extra key generation Pulsar/SCOPE $39
Timeworks Reverb A-100 + I-100 Pulsar/SCOPE $129
Timeworks Classic Plate Reverb P-100 Pulsar/SCOPE $99
Timeworks Reverb, 4080L Pulsar Pro Version $249
Timeworks CompressorX for Pulsar/SCOPE $149
Timeworks Mastering Compressor for Pulsar/SCOPE $149
Timeworks VintagEQ for Pulsar/SCOPE $149
Timeworks SharcOne for Pulsar/SCOPE $249
Timeworks Studio Bundle 3.2 LE
Reverb 4080L + SharcOne $349
Timeworks Studio Bundle 3.2 Gold
Reverb 4080L + SharcOne + VintagEQ + CompressorX + Mastering Compressor $549
Pulsar/SCOPE Studio Bundle "Classic" -> Studio Bundle 3.2 Gold (this adds the SharcOne to the bundle, for registered "classic bundle" owners)(value: $249)

DirectX Plugins
Timeworks ReverbX for DirectX $249
Upgrade from 4080L -> ReverbX $129
Timeworks EqualiserV1 $249
Timeworks CompressorX $179
Timeworks Mastering Compressor $179
Timeworks Reverb 4080L $149
Timeworks Delay 6022 $79
Timeworks Phazer $79
Timeworks Mastering EQ $199
Timeworks Equalizer V1-LP for DirectX $699
Protools Plugins
Timeworks ReverbX for RTAS Windows/Mac $149
Timeworks CompressorX for RTAS Windows/Mac $149
Timeworks ChannelX for RTAS Windows/Mac $149
Timeworks ReverbX/CompressorX/ChannelX bundle for RTAS Windows/Mac $349
DirectX Bundles
Mastering Bundle-
EqualizerV1 and Mastering Compressor

Tracking Bundle
ReverbX, CompressorX, Model 88 Phaser, 4080L and Delay 6022

Bundled offer 1
Reverb 4080L and Delay 6022

Bundled offer 2
Reverb 4080L, Delay, and Phaser

Bundled offer 3
Reverb 4080L, Delay, EqualizerV1 and Phaser

Bundled offer 4
CompressorX, ReverbX, Delay, Timeworks EQ-V1, and Phaser

Bundled offer 5
CompressorX, Mastering Compressor, ReverbX, Delay, Timeworks EQ-V1, Reverb 4080L and Phaser